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Archive: Polecussion: First Vlog ever!!!!


Hey y'all!

As you know (or will be informed in the next phrase), I'm scoring for a video game we are currently calling Project Maven (see previous post). This is a little news that I thought would be interesting--especially to you that are in to music, technology, or music technology. This is some work I did in order to complete the attached piece of music that is tentatively the credit song for our video game. I used two custom sample libraries that took a long time to craft. This video is a little bit about that process. It took literally about 10 or so hours to create the two libraries, but I think the piece "turned" out quite well (see it's funny 'cause it's a pun*)

Hope to talk soon!

-Michael Shawn

*If you're not good with puns check out the name of the piece.

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