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  • Michael Shawn Carbaugh II

Unison Church Podcast

The time has come for the next step!!

Beginning today, Unison Church has it's own podcast, and episode 1 is already out! In this episode, I break down what my intentions are with the podcast, beginning with...

What does the word "Unison" even mean and why am I so obsessed with it?

Unison is a musical term that refers to two different sources making the same note. In the podcast I use the example of voice and piano. The noise our voice makes is vastly different than the voice a piano makes. My voice even makes a different noise than other voices, but you and I can sing the same not at the same time. What's interesting is that even when two instruments play the same note, you can still hear each instrument individually. If an oboe and a tuba both play the same pitch (which would require a really good tuba player) you can certainly hear the difference between the two instruments. Bringing that difference to the unison creates a new sound, a new sound where two individual sounds come together to make something beautiful.

So, for me, Unison is all about coming together to make something beautiful. In the case of Unison Church, the goal is to unite under our allegiance to Christ to worship Him with one voice. The Kingdom of God is so divided. Perhaps more so now than ever before. Yet Jesus said that what would be uniquely remarkable about His people is their love for one another. How are we supposed to be what He asks us to be if we're so divided. We need each other! John's short epistles make this so clear. Our love for God is our love for others, and that love is to start with the people inside the church uniting together.

For more on this and other topics, give episode one of the Unison Church Podcast a listen!

-Michael Shawn

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