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A Space Designed for the Independent Artist

Teach, Record, Learn, Produce, Play, Create

36 Broadway

North Haven CT 06473



Unison Studios is a space for the Independent Artist! It's a place where teachers, students, content creators, recording artists, audio engineers, and performers can all create their art! Using Unison Studios' state of the art lesson rooms, podcasting studio, and recording studio, artists of all types can sharpen their craft and create quality content. There are fully equipped lesson rooms for teachers to rent and teach in a safe and professional environment. There is a podcast studio armed with state of the art technology ready to help creators produce quality podcasts. There is a recording studio complete with a wide variety or mics, plug-ins, instruments, and everything an independent artist could need to make their music heard! To top it off, our staff is incredibly knowledgeable about the craft and armed with a space that is intrinsically designed to create a wide network or referrals!

Music Lessons

Learn how to become the best performer you can be! Lessons draw together the basics of your instrument as well as music in general and help you to progress to new levels. They're great for beginners and veterans alike!

Teach Your Lessons Here

Become the best teacher you can be by renting one of our lesson rooms. They're very professional and video monitored so they're the perfect place to meet with new students and old ones alike! Book your lesson room today! 

Original Music
Discover Original Music

Check out the new works composed and performed by Unison Studios' artists! We strongly encourage composition in both contemporary and classical genres. And we love covers too! Check out their music!

Music Production
Music Production

Unison Studios is committed to producing quality music. It looks different for everyone, but if you have a song you want orchestrated, or recorded, or co-written, or anything else we would love to help. 

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Online Booking
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Enjoy Performance

Check out our events calendar here! Enjoy all types of performances from our musicians or from groups who use our space. 

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