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Michael Shawn Carbaugh II

Composer, Song-Writer, Producer, Audio Engineer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer, Teacher

Michael Shawn earned a degree in Music Composition and Technology and has been producing original music ever since. Wether it's classical, jazz, worship, singer-songwriter, metal, or something in between, Michael Shawn brings a strong sense of musical shape and complexity to every genre. He grew up singing and playing guitar, studied classical guitar, piano, and voice during college, and has an extensive knowledge of anything with frets and strings. He also is trained in audio engineering and enjoys live sound. Making and producing music are his greatest musical passions, so he spends a lot of time writing, orchestrating, recording, and crafting original music. Also, he's been teaching private lessons for over a decade and has learned how to work with a diverse array of learning styles.

Connect with Michael Shawn and his music here:

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